Sherpaa is 24/7 primary care from your own personal doctor at no cost to you. You can reach out to your Sherpaa as your starting point before visiting your local doctor. Simple or complex, they help you avoid the hassles and costs of old-fashioned office visits. They’ll ask you plenty of questions and get to know you and your situation. Don’t worry, they can still order tests, prescribe and refill medications, arrange care for you with local specialists, and diagnose and treat the same ~1,500 health conditions a primary care doctor in an office can manage. Throughout all your health issues, you’ll always work with your own Sherpaa doctor who’s just minutes away at anytime from anywhere. 

Without an office visit your Sherpaa doctor can:

  • Ensure you avoid ~80% of office, urgent care, and ER visits
  • Order lab and imaging tests to confirm suspicions and monitor your progress
  • Prescribe and refill the vast majority of medications
  • Help you manage your chronic conditions
  • Arrange visits and procedures with the best local specialists
  • Ensure you’re getting better with frequent check-ins and photos

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