Medical Benefits

Medical coverage provides you with benefits that help keep you healthy, like preventive care screenings and access to urgent care. It also provides important financial protection if you have a serious medical condition.

DBM Global will once again be offering a High Deductible Health Plan with the ability to open a Health Savings Account with Health Equity.

United Healthcare (UHC) Medical Plan

 $500 Deductible$2,000 DeductibleHigh Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with HSA
Annual Deductible - Embedded
(Individual / Family)
$500 / $1,000$2,000 / $4,000$2,800 / $5,600
Out-of-Pocket Maximum - Embedded (includes deductibles and copayments)$5,500 / $11,000$8,150 / $16,300$5,000 / $10,000
Lifetime MaximumUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Preventive Care100% Covered100% Covered100% Covered
Primary Physician Office Visit
(Designated Network / Network)
$25 / $50100% Covered30% After deductible
Specialist Office Visit
(Designated Network / Network)
$50 / $80$95 Copay30% After deductible
Diagnostic X-Ray and Lab20% After deductible20% After deductible30% After deductible
Inpatient Hospital Services20% After deductible20% After deductible30% After deductible
Outpatient Hospital Services20% After deductible20% After deductible30% After deductible
Urgent Care$50 Copay$50 Copay30% After deductible
Emergency Room Care$400 Copay$400 Copay + 20% After deductible30% After deductible
Prescription Drug Coverage (30-day supply)
Generic$15 Copay$15 CopayPreventive RX covered at 100%
Brand preferred$50 Copay$50 Copay$15 Copay; after deductible
Brand non-preferred$150 Copay$150 Copay$35 Copay; after deductible
Specialty$350 Copay$350 Copay$70 Copay; after deductible

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